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Democrat for New Mexico Attorney General

Raúl Torrez




Democrat Raúl Torrez is ready to be our next Attorney General. Born and raised here in New Mexico, Raúl attended Harvard University, the London School of Economics, and Stanford Law School. He returned home and worked as an assistant district attorney and assistant attorney general. He was appointed to serve as a White House Fellow by President Barack Obama and served as a senior advisor to the Department of Justice, where he fought to reduce border violence, crack down on drug cartels, and reduce violent crime and domestic abuse in Indian Country.


As Bernalillo County District Attorney, Raúl has been a national leader for innovative “smart on crime” policies. He was sworn in during a crime crisis and has brought new ideas, and energy to the office, while working across the political spectrum to help protect New Mexico families and businesses. 

Raúl is working to implement new technologies and strategies to combat violent crime, prioritize alternatives to incarceration for non-violent offenders, and put victims first with compassion and new resources to help families through the most difficult times.

Raúl has taken on right-wing militias, stood up for common sense gun safety laws, tackled the rape kit backlog and prosecuted violent crime, child abuse, and fraud. He is also recognized as a national leader for reform, being one of the first prosecutors in America to make information about police misconduct available to the public, and piloting a program to provide full transparency about the demographic outcomes in our criminal justice system.

In the Obama Justice Department and now as Bernalillo County District Attorney, Democrat Raúl Torrez fights every day to make our communities safer. Raúl has prosecuted violent career criminals and child sex predators. His smart-on-crime approach has solved decades-old rape cases. Raúl has also taken on bad cops and forced the disclosure of police misconduct. As the only candidate for Attorney General who has actually prosecuted cases in a courtroom, Raúl has the experience we need to reduce crime and make our communities safe.

Raúl works every day to protect New Mexico’s families and he knows the job is never done.


Earned Trust:

Appointed to the Department of Justice by President Barack Obama


Endorsed by

U.S. Senator

Martin Heinrich

The dedicated and experienced leader to protect women's right to make their own healthcare decision




Photo: ABQ Journal

Photo: ABQ Journal

Experienced Leadership

New Mexico needs a strong, experienced leader who isn’t afraid to stand up to protect our families. That’s why Raúl is running. As a proven and dedicated public servant, Raúl has taken on the toughest jobs during the crime crisis. He has shown that he won’t back down when it comes to protecting our community, and he knows that structural change is necessary to prevent and combat crime in New Mexico. That’s the kind of tenacity and leadership New Mexicans deserve in the Attorney General’s Office - someone who will never give up on building a better future for ourselves and the next generations.


Photo: AP

Taking on Right-Wing Militia

Raúl was the first prosecutor in the country to sue a heavily armed, right-wing militia to prevent them from policing our streets or intimidating people from exercising their free speech rights. He took action to require Facebook to turn over information about extremists who were recruiting people to engage in criminality. As Attorney General, Raúl will stand up against extremism and protect our democracy.


Photo: ABQ Journal

The Only Prosecutor Running for Attorney General

Democrat Raúl Torrez is an experienced prosecutor and the only candidate who has actually prosecuted criminals in a courtroom. Raúl has successfully prosecuted murderers, rapists, and child abusers, and will use his experience to make our communities safer. New Mexico needs a prosecutor, not a politician as our next Attorney General. Raúl works every day to protect New Mexico’s families and he knows the job is never done.


Photo: ABQ Journal

Your Difference:

The choice for Attorney General couldn’t be more clear. Brian Colon is a career politician who has never prosecuted a single criminal in court (not even a parking ticket). But worse, Colon supported defunding the police at the height of the crime crisis in New Mexico. The difference? Raúl Torrez is a career prosecutor who fights every day to keep New Mexicans safer. Raúl has taken on right-wing militias, stood up for common sense gun safety laws, tackled the rape kit backlog. Raúl has the dedication, values, and skill to protect a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions and Raúl believes that defunding the police is a terrible idea.

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