Learn more about becoming a torrez Democratic delegate

What is the pre-primary convention?

  • The constitution of NM requires the state parties to hold pre-primary nominating conventions before the primary to determine which candidates will be on the primary ballot in June

What do we need to be successful at the convention?

  • In order to appear on the June primary ballot, a candidate must secure at least 20% of the delegate votes.

  • Our campaign does this by organizing, organizing, organizing! We get to 20% by recruiting supporters to run and get elected to be delegates for March 5.                          

  • Being a delegate to the convention is the most important thing you can do to make sure our grassroots campaign is successful in this important test.

What are delegates?

  • Delegate - a delegate is a registered Democrat who gets elected to be a delegate during their ward election. They then go onto the county and state pre-primary convention where they cast their vote for who they want on the ballot in June. Delegates also get to have a say on the platform that the Democratic Party of New Mexico adopts for the 2022 election, so you will have a lot of say in what the party stands for in this upcoming crucial election!

  • Alternate delegate - these are people who run in the ward elections and do not get elected to be delegate, but receive at least ONE vote at the ward election. Alternate delegates may attend the pre-primary convention and be allowed to be full delegates if delegates do not pick up their credentials on time.